Chair : Yasunori Owada [ yowada AT ]
Co-chair: Bhushan Raj Shrestha [bhushan AT]
Co-chair: Chalermpol Charnsripinyo [chalermpol.charnsripinyo AT]
Co-chair: Seung-Joon Seok [sjseok AT]
Advisor: Eiji Kawai [ eiji-ka AT ]
Mailing List: [email protected]


IoT (Internet of Things) is a key technology to deepen the digitization of society, and therefore it is highly important to promote IoT research, development, and deployment for future society growth. The APAN IoT Working Group is a forum for discussions and collaborations on IoT platforms, infrastructures, and services.


We organize sessions at every APAN meeting to share the experience of IoT-related projects among the APAN members and promote their discussions and collaborations.