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Over the last few years, our APAN member communities has been successfully working togetherby using the IPv4 network infrastructure to connect our activities together. As IPv6 provides a much larger global addresses space than its predecessor IPv4 and together with other new features embedded, it is especially crucial to those economies in Asian area, and for mobile communication and other new networking services. IPv6 WG will promote the research on IPv6 technology, share the experience on the deployment, operation, and IPv6 applications among members. APAN already has setup linkage with worldwide academic and research networks in Europe, North America and other regions. IPv6 WG will exchange views and cooperate with corresponding partiesin other regions. Goals- The IPv6 WG will create an environment for exchange and dialog among members concerning the development of IPv6. Given the scope and fluid state of evolving IPv6 technology, the knowledge of network design, operation, management, measurement, security and various applications issues will be addressed among members of the IPv6 WG. Collaborated activities will be promoted to boost the deployment of IPv6 in the region.

IPv6 WG is a forum for dialogue among participates, regarding the research, engineering, operation and various applications in favour of IPv6 in the region; IPv6 WG strives to foster the sharing of information, recognized the “best practices” available in the field; IPv6 WG provides a platform to test various IPv6 technologies and its applications among members; IPv6 WG promotes collaborations with international researchers on IPv6; IPv6 WG looks into the planning and setting up of an IPv6 testbed running on the APAN network together with APAN NOC team; IPv6 WG assists educational institutions by fostering the continued development and sharing of information on IPv6.

IPv6 Working Group will work together with other Working Groups to promote the better use of IPv6 in our region.

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