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The development of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has undoubtedly transformed the world. Before the mid-90s when the Internet became popular, the ICT was limited to certain applications for the professionals. Today ICT forms the backbone of learning, teaching and communication of different disciplines. Almost all of us benefited from ICT and has changed all walks of life, age and gender. This WG was motivated after much thought that putting too much emphasis on technology may be even detrimental to our ‘normal’ life that it might lead us to overlook the importance of humanistic aspects. Even in the technology-oriented fields, cultural issues should be taken into account. More attention needs to be paid to the sensitivity of different cultures and their preferences, customs, and folkways in attending to daily life as citizens and netizens. The eCulture WG of APAN undertakes its role to make the research and education more active in Asia-Pacific region through applying ICT to the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences towards fruitful outcomes to the societies at large.

The Objectives are

  1. To share information about new technologies and case studies to visualize social phenomenon and cultural heritage content spatially and/or chronologically, e.g. GIS applications to understand spatial patterns and relationships.
  2. To encourage academics, scientists and techno-partners to take full advantage of ICT applications for teaching, research and e-resource development in the field of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  3. To network with other WGs and interested parties on e-resources (systems) and aggregation methods including inter-operability and meta-data along with the development of network infrastructure; e.g. the Sub-Culture peculiar on the Net.
  4. To explore the e-exchange of cultures and cultural performances including developing a cultural database of the Asia-Pacific region.


  1. 2006.01 the proposal to setup eCulture Working Group was formally approved.
  2. 2005.11 presentation at the 2005 PNC conference in Hawaii to introduce the APAN eCulture
  3. 2005.08 eCulture Workshop (2 sessions & BOF) in Taipei 2004 meeting.
  4. 2005.01 eCulture Workgroup (2 sessions) in Bangkok 2004 meeting.
  5. 2004.07 Formally started eCulture BOF in Cairns 2003 meeting.
  6. 2004.01 After Hawaii meeting, a proposal for eCulture was made among Natural Resource WG.

Documents: WG Charter V1.0 dated on Jan 23, 2006. Contact Takaharu Kameoka / Mie University [ kameoka AT ]

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